Recycle and Reuse to Save Resources

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Saving resources in the home go beyond not wasting electricity and water. You can also recycle or reuse items such as old clothes, newspapers, glass containers, certain plastics and electronics to help conserve the Earth’s resources.
First, try to gather items that you don’t want, but which someone else might use. Hold a garage sale of household things that are useable and in good condition or gives items away to friends and relatives who want them. If items are really worn out or no longer safe to use because parts have broken off, put them into the recycling bin. Look at things you discard in terms of their separate components. For instance, instead of trashing an entire used or old make-up item, examine it to see if it has parts like a glass mirror that can be recycled.
Second, recycle plastic bags. Don’t just take a bag from the supermarket to carry your purchases home and then discard it. Reuse it in other ways, such as bagging food trash and don’t throw it out until it is full or for picking up dog poo if you have a pet.
If you bring home takeaways in plastic containers, try to reuse those containers too. Although scientists warn that certain plastics are not safe for microwaving food in, storing heated food or as a long-term drink bottle, you can still reuse them safely in other ways. Once they are washed and cleaned, use them to hold dry items, keep things in your refrigerator tidy or as container to give away home-cooked food to friends and family.