Cordell & Cordell: Divorce for Men

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Two of the Most Important Divorce Considerations for Men

In an ideal world, marriages last until one or both spouses pass away. Realistically, however, all marriages do not allow a couple to still be together in their golden years. They may find it necessary to part ways peacefully. In the best scenarios, both spouses keep a level head and consider the compromises that focus on everyone’s best interests. If escalating tensions prevent smooth concessions, it is always best to find a legal team that specializes in family law. For men who are divorcing and have children, choosing a firm like Cordell & Cordell, which advocates for father’s rights, is a sound way to get through the process of ending the marriage.

Visitation and Custody
Men who have been equal caretakers during a marriage sometimes must jump difficult hurdles to maintain the same loving relationships they have always had with their children. In some cases, divorcing spouses may tend to use children as pawns against one another to have leverage in a divorce. This practice is unfair to everyone involved. Husbands who may no longer have any legal obligations to a wife never stop being fathers, when there are children involved.

The most rational thing that can happen is for both spouses to jointly agree on what kind of visitation and custody arrangement is best for the children. The goal is to reassure them that they will not lose the affection and support of either parent and that they will always have access to both parents when they need them. Of course, matters of custody and visitation are not always negotiated this easily. It may take several rounds of coming back to the discussion table with compromises. Click here if these discussions have already reached a stalemate for you.

Child Support
The laws that govern financial support of children differ from state to state. Typically, the amount that the parent with visitation will have to pay will be based on a set percentage of both parents’ incomes, the amount of time the child spends at each residence and who pays for other expenses like school tuition and health care. At the time of the divorce, both spouses submit official financial records so that attorneys can calculate the minimum required child support. Laws are equally variable when it comes to alimony.

No matter how much negotiation it takes to get to a final agreement, it is important to try to make any new relationship with a divorcing spouse one of advocacy. As parents, you are charged to continue nurturing and rearing children. As humans who once shared a loving bond, it is ideal for you both to wish each other good lives and good lifestyles. Anything less cheats you both and the children.