Seamless or Sectional Gutters: What’s the Difference?


Gutters and rooflines can be some of the most under-appreciated and misunderstood features of a home, but they work together to accomplish an important goal: protecting your home from the elements. While they quite obviously shield your interior from direct rain, what many people don’t realize is how destructive the sheer weight of water and debris can be to every part of your home — right down to the foundation.

The choice of gutters, however, always seems unclear. There are various styles or seamless or sectional gutters, and several types of screens and guards to help protect them. While much of the difference comes in terms of the cost of installation, maintenance, and repairs over the life of your home, the nature of the environment your roof and gutter systems are protecting your home from has a lot to do with which choice will really net you the best protection. We’ll cover some of the general advantages of seamless and sectional gutters below (and you can read more about gutter guards here) but a local gutter contractor like Aerotech in St. Louis can tell you more about the environmental considerations specific to your home.

Ok, so sectional or seamless?

In the past, gutters were mass-produced according to specific lengths. As a result, when they were installed, they had to be installed in sections and joined with sealants. But as with all things, these sealants with time become corroded, resulting in leakages. However, when seamless gutters were introduced, they completely eliminated the need for these sectional gutters, as one piece can be molded and installed in to fit your roofline.

That said, we’ll be frank: all gutters leak. This is due, in part, to the fact that there will always be junctions where you’ll need to join with another side or feature of your gutter system.

Minimizing Leakages

In any gutter system, joints will require the application of sealants to ensure that the gutters stay leak-proof. With seamless gutters, there will be fewer joints, and fewer leaks for that reason. And, luckily, any leaks that occur can generally be fixed without removing anything, so the size and length of seamless gutters tends to only factor in when having to make larger repairs.

Minimizing Repair Costs

For most gutters, repairs often center on rotting, leaks, and corrosion caused by stagnant water or the weight of melting ice. Sectional gutter systems, with more joints, will tend to suffer the weight of this abuse more than seamless gutter systems. In more extreme cases of damage, the larger seamless gutters may become more complicated to repair or replace but this becomes less of a concern if they are regularly cleaned and maintained.

Ease of Cleaning

Seamless gutters are generally much easier to clean, and that’s a real help, since you’ll never want to fall behind on cleaning them. The disadvantage to sectional gutters is the fact that their joints tend to produce a lot of hard-to-reach areas that can start to collect debris or ice. Being more troublesome to clean and more prone to clogs and the like can contribute to higher maintenance investments, though this can vary depending on the type of foliage in your area and how far away from your roofline the nearest trees are.

Ease of Installation

In spite of their bulk, seamless systems are pretty easy and cheap to install. With sectional gutters, you or your contractor would end up spending a lot more time trying to get the right fit and adding sealants.

In the end, seamless gutter systems do tend to come out on top. But the performance and life of your roofline and gutter systems still hinges on keeping them clean and taking your environment into account. If you’re unsure of the system that works best for your home, it’s worth a little more research, and at least a phone call to a licensed contractor.

Four Things That Home Improvement Shows Don’t Tell You About

Home improvement shows! We all love them. So you are flipping through the channels on a lazy Sunday morning and bam! You come across a reality show where the parents are in the middle of a blazing argument. The kids are screaming in the background because the garage doors fell off their hinges. The whole family is at the point of breaking apart because their home was old, creaky and hasn’t had a renovation in ages. There is a lot of name calling and blame shifting. As if by magic, the host of your home improvement show appears at their doorstep magically, with his magic home renovating wand. After the entire family cries on his shoulder for a good fifteen minutes, everything seems to take an optimistic edge. From there onwards, everything seems so easy and uphill. So you find yourself slouching on the sofa, watching more episodes of the show back to back. Well, while it is good and sometimes educational to watch such shows, sometimes they can be a little misleading. So before you get inspired by such shows and tear apart your house to renovate it, here are things that the nice people on the reality TV show never told you about. Before you try any of these jobs on your own contact a professional like Summit Point Roofing first.

 photo h_zpsjsf2valm.png

Timelines are Bogus

In your favourite reality show, everything seems to be done within a space of three days or so. Since they don’t claim to do it within the duration of the show, you somehow believe that all it took to revamp that entire house is only three days. Well, it doesn’t work that way. Renovating a house takes a lot of planning and effort. It cannot be done in three days, for sure. Experts in the construction trade say that in order to renovate and revamp an average sized home, it takes at least 6 weeks. This may vary depending on the condition that the house is in. Whatever said and done, you simply cannot renovate a house in three days. So if you were having big plans to renovate your house over the weekend, think again.

Renovation Budgets Can Stretch

In most reality shows, they simply do not show the budgeting bit. They seem to stick to particular budget up to the nearest penny. Well, the thing is, renovation budgets are not permanent. They change all the time. They change if you change your mind about the floor or if you decide to fire your plumber. So, it is best to work with a buffer. If you calculate a certain amount to be your renovation budget, keep at least 30% extra. Keep scrupulous records of everything. Whenever you pay a contractor, write it down. File the receipt. A lot of people go over the budget simply because they have no idea how much of it they have used already.

Not everything is utterly useless

In many home improvement reality shows you can see the host gleefully tossing away everything in the house. Well, the thing about reality TV is that it is made for drama. By tossing out everything in a house, the show achieves its dramatic effects. Well, but it doesn’t have to be that way for your own house. You need not toss every single thing in your house in order to revamp it. You also need not do it in a frenzy. If you indeed plan to renovate your house, go through each and every item of your house carefully. Think of what can be used and what really cannot be used. You will find that a lot of the items in your house are actually re-useable. Especially when it comes to antiques. So take your time and choose what stays and what goes.

 photo h1_zpsd8cfwbld.png

You need not have a fight

Reality TV shows cater to people who live vicariously through other people’s drama. So almost all of them involve some sort of a fight or the other. When you are doing your own house, try not to get carried away. Everything does not have to end in a fight. Your children need not behave like screaming monsters. While renovating maybe portrayed to be a difficult time, in reality it is just the opposite. It is fun, interesting and can be an experience for the entire family. So talk to your family, get excited and plan the new house together. You may even involve your kids in some of the restoration work after school.

Let’s Light Up the House

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People often said that a bright home will be safer than the dark one and it seems to be explainable as thieves tend to be easier to enter the dark one than the bright one. So lighting up your house can bring you safety and at the same time, you can create an attractive decoration with these lights. Let’s create enchantment with outdoor lighting!

Before every decoration is made, planning is the starting point. Plan the design that you want the lights to be. You could light up the tree, or just install a lamppost to brighten up the driveway and even you may create a beautiful lighting cover all over your porch. Simply make a draft and estimate how much light you need.

After the planning, purchasing the suitable light will be your second challenge. You should be considering what colour do you want the light to be? The type of light whether is a bulb or LED? Of course, you want to make sure that these lightings stuff won’t cost you too much, so low voltage outdoor lightings are strongly encouraged as it is economical and easy to install.

Finally, installing these lights could be a tough one. Some prefer to request assistance from the professional while others prefer DIY. If you want to save up some penny, hands-on is your best option. Hang or fixed these lightings according to your design and it always require some creativity and imagination. For example, you can hang the lights on the tree and create a rainfall design or spread it evenly around the ground and make it looks like stars on the land. Anyway it goes; it will definitely bring your house a new life.

Recycle and Reuse to Save Resources

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Saving resources in the home go beyond not wasting electricity and water. You can also recycle or reuse items such as old clothes, newspapers, glass containers, certain plastics and electronics to help conserve the Earth’s resources.
First, try to gather items that you don’t want, but which someone else might use. Hold a garage sale of household things that are useable and in good condition or gives items away to friends and relatives who want them. If items are really worn out or no longer safe to use because parts have broken off, put them into the recycling bin. Look at things you discard in terms of their separate components. For instance, instead of trashing an entire used or old make-up item, examine it to see if it has parts like a glass mirror that can be recycled.
Second, recycle plastic bags. Don’t just take a bag from the supermarket to carry your purchases home and then discard it. Reuse it in other ways, such as bagging food trash and don’t throw it out until it is full or for picking up dog poo if you have a pet.
If you bring home takeaways in plastic containers, try to reuse those containers too. Although scientists warn that certain plastics are not safe for microwaving food in, storing heated food or as a long-term drink bottle, you can still reuse them safely in other ways. Once they are washed and cleaned, use them to hold dry items, keep things in your refrigerator tidy or as container to give away home-cooked food to friends and family.

Make Your Bedroom A Better Place to Rest

 photo make-your-bedroom-more-relaxing_zps510bea6f.jpg

Some people have the envious capability to be able to sleep almost anywhere, even in a room where there’s a loud music playing in the next door or directly exposed to the light. While not all of us do have this ability, so we have to make sure our bedroom is in a complete silence and darkness in order to shut off our mind enough during the rest hours. Here are some tips on how you can make your bedroom a comfortable and enjoyable to experience a real refreshing rest.

Human tend to rest better in a darker environment than a bright one, so you do want to make sure no direct light on your window or inside of your room when you rest. To keep you room dark is as simple as switching off the light. What you should worry about are those from the outside. This issue should be concerned by those who stay in the urban as street lamps are all along the road and some might just right in front of your window. Make no woe; a tinted UV window film does help. Although tinted window film is originally designed to prevent UV ray and cut down the penetrating of the sunlight, but it still works on reducing the light with the same principle. On the plus side, you enjoy a cool room during the steamy summer. Furthermore, you may use a fabric certain as it has the capability to absorb and reduce the penetration of light.

Now you have a dark environment and now you will need to work on the sound pollution. Some might work on sound proofing their room with specially – made wallpaper, door and curtain and it seem to be a huge project for an old house with a bunch of accumulated gear around. This could be the best way of all but not the convenience most. Instead of spending much effort on applying sound proof material in your room, try to build a natural fence. Plant a line of bushes around your property or grow them on your fence and as they grow, they’ll begin to block sound from your neighbours and the streets. Even this is still a big deal for you try just planting a few smaller bushes right in front of your windows. They’ll help to block sound from entering at these points. With this, you don’t only benefit from a quieter surrounding but also a greener one.

Great Design for Small Home

 photo small-space-interior-design-ideas_zpscddb80a0.jpg

Most people dream of having a big and luxury home, but unfortunately the property’s value has gone high recent year. A small and moderately sized house will be the best choice for all. Living in a tiny space makes you feel compact and distressing, while daily life activities cannot be carried out normally and have no enough space for your stuff. Eventually, your life became a tough one and not enjoyable at all. Keep calm and make no worries anymore because you are about to make a new look to your small home and turn it into a marvellous one. Since you cannot change the size dimensions of your home, then make a few strategies for making your home feel larger than it is!

Firstly, keep your house clean and neat. Nothing makes a small space feel even smaller than a mess. Always keep your home tidy and maximize the space of the floor by putting away unnecessary gear or place it into your garage. You will feel moving around the home have never been so easy.

Besides, buy appropriate furniture for your home. Before purchasing any furniture, measure the walls and decide upon a maximum thickness for the furniture. Avoid purchasing curved furniture because these items take a lot of space and not offering any increase in storage capacity. You can always purchase more cabinet to maximize the space for storage. Furthermore you can use a hanging cabinet rather than those on the floor as it helps to widen the floor’s space.

Lastly, paint your home in a brighter colour to promote height and space. Painting your walls and ceiling with a light colour instantly makes it feel higher and wider than it really does. So, select a suitable colour for your small home to make it look bigger.

Sleeping Hygiene

 photo Purewoman-on-bed-e1367338710127_zpsc3a6895d.jpg

Generally, we know that sleeping is important to our health and it helps to refresh after a day of work. But when one suffers from allergies, sleeping can be a less-than-refreshing experience. This problem is usually causes by everyday dust to more serious one are like bed bugs. Unhealthy sleeping habits can lead to serious health issues and you probably don’t want to suffer from these. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to eliminate these annoying allergies without spending much penny on purchasing extravagant bed.

Firstly, always check the humidity. Humid air is the best breeding ground for dust mites and that’s the main factor of allergy. If the bedroom humidity level is greater than usual, you probably want to take a quick action to solve it. Try to use an air – conditioner in your bedroom as it helps to make your room ‘dry’.

Secondly, wash your bedding regularly. This is to ensure your bedding always clean and flawless. If this method doesn’t work so well, you may want to try to wash it with boiling water and even use special detergents which work on improving allergy problem.

Lastly, make sure your room is clean. Besides keeping your bed unblemished, you should also keep your room hygienic. Vacuum your room frequently to help prevent the formation of dust bunnies. Besides regular vacuum, you should spend some time on every few weeks to clean the ‘hidden spot’ around the room. These areas are those that not easily cleaned by regular vacuum, which are behind or below of the furniture. A flawless and germ – free environment can help you sleep better at night.

Headboard’s Style

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Every time you enter your bedroom, your eyes will be drawn immediately to the headboard. It is the largest pieces in the room and it reflects your style and artistic sensibilities. As a wall’s colour, a headboard design could affect the overall style of your bedroom and indirectly affect your emotional activities. So, you do want to choose a headboard that fit not only your room, but also for you.

There are various styles of headboard and the most old-fashioned one will be the wood shutter headboard. Old-fashioned wood shutters have a sense of artistic grace about them. The way the paint is delicately chipping away; the rustic demeanour of the style and the generous height they offer make for a truly original headboard design.

If you have children at home, a chalkboard headboard will be your first choice because kids are going to love it. It is a perfect place for your child to jot down notes, dreams or anything else without drawing around the walls.

If you prefer a luxury looking headboard, a tufted headboard will be the right one. This headboard has been the combination of modern and traditional headboard style and give a grand and luxurious feel that eventually upgrade your entire room’s grade.

The curtain headboard is always the ladies’ favourite. Instead of a headboard you can opt for curtains. This is a good idea, especially if you also have curtains for your windows. Then you can use the same type or something similar. The curtains will add a nice intimate feel and they will also add cosiness to the room with their texture. This is also a nice opportunity to personalize the headboard.

Make your Home a Better Place for Your Child

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Children are naturally born with curiosity and adventurous. These natural characteristics could be excellent for a growing child to discover and learn new stuff around. Unfortunately, this curiosity often results in injury or accident. As a parent, you probably want your child to be safe and have greater freedom to explore in the house. So, here are some simple and affordable ways for you to protect your little one from unwanted injuries.

Securing furniture around your home is the first step to go. Children are often being hurt by falling furniture when they try to climb on them, including dresser, closet, and tables. In order to prevent this tragedy accident, secure the furniture by installing furniture anchors. Not all furniture is necessary for that like a heavier closet that is too heavy to move, or chairs and table. Instead, you can try to avoid your children from climbing them.

Besides that, dangerous gear should be stored somewhere your children are not easy to access. Scissors, knives and tools can be fatal when hold or play by children, so keep them away from your babies. Furthermore, small pieces items can be dangerous for babies to swallow them accidentally and chock. Always keep your accessories and any small pieces stuff in somewhere they can’t reach.

Another hidden danger for your little one is the door. A door which seems to be safe and secure can hurt your children by getting their fingers caught in a door. Installing a door holder will block the door from closing all the way when your little one’s fingers are still in a jam.

Home Fire Safety Tips

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A fire could destroy a house without any sympathies and cause thousands of people lose their home every year. The causes of these fires are wide ranging, from smoking in the house to faulty electrical equipment, but one fact remains certain – almost all of them could be avoided. Prevention is better than cure; let’s make your home a little safer from fire with some tips here.

Home is full of fabrics and woods that easily caught fire, so smoking inside of your house is a fatal mistake that brings your house to an unsafe stage. While it can be difficult to kick the habits of smoking entirely, not smoking inside of your house instead take a few steps out of your home is highly recommended for you and your family safety.

Installing a smoke detector is also a great way to prevent fire by putting them out before it turns into a disaster. Place the smoke detector on every floor of your home, including the basement. Furthermore, smoke detector will usually be hard – wired with a battery back – up, in order to ensure constant protection, replacing the battery regularly is necessary.

If you have a family with children, then you probably want to keep matches and lighter stored somewhere your child will not able to access. Also do not forget to educate your children about the fire is not something to play with and the dangerous disaster that fire could lead to.

Lastly, only use electrical appliances which in a proper condition. Inspect electrical appliances regularly to help you lower the risk of one starting a fire. Extension cords should be in a good shape and without evident fraying or cuts in the insulation. If any damage or bad condition of these electrical appliances found, stop using them immediately and replace with a new one.