Anxiety, Good or Bad?

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Anxiety, that’s a word fills many of us with dread and trepidation. But what is anxiety, really? Anxiety is often experienced as a series of bodily reactions – a racing heart, rapid breathing, and breaking out in cold sweat, clammy palms and that urge to throw up are just some of the many ways our body reacts to anxiety. You can also imagine what it’s like running around with any one of these symptoms, let alone all of them. And yet, there are those among us who suffer these on a regular basis.

Anxiety actually has a very real and useful application. What would you do if you saw a tiger? Well, logic dictates that you either try and fend off the beast or run as fast as you can. This is what we call the “fight or flight” response, which is hardwired into all animals, us included.

Fast forward to 2014 and tigers are pretty hard to come by. Our tigers nowadays are bosses screaming at us, the traffic jams we face daily, missing datelines and the likes. Our minds treat these as threats and engage out fight or flight response. It’s one thing to fight or run away from a tiger, but a different thing altogether when facing down our boss who’s on our case for a missing dateline.

So, in some case, modern day anxiety is the fear of the unknown. Our mind predicts the possible outcomes and then our bodies naturally react to it. The problem lies in the fact that our mind does a really great job of creating fantastical ideas that may or may not come true. The more critical the event we’re waiting for, the more our thoughts can get away from us.

Whilst anxiety is more often than not seen in a negative light, there is such a thing as positive or helpful anxiety. Good anxiety can be felt when you’re preparing for an interview for your dream job or when you’re minutes away from a big corporate presentation to a thousand people. In those instances, anxiety is about preparing us to do the best job that we can by getting our bodies primed and ready and our minds alert and sharp. But what makes things complicated and difficult is that regardless of bad or good anxiety, we experience its symptoms in the same way.

In learning to manage our anxiety, the first step would be to recognise what anxiety is like for you. For some, it could be butterflies in their belly. For others, it may be how their hands and feet become instant popsicles. Yet others will react by breaking out in cold sweat just before an important event. Recognising when we become anxious is important because by becoming aware of it, we are able to do something about it.

Consciously ask yourself, “What’s making me nervous?” or “Am I in danger?”

For some of us, anxiety happens when we think up fantastical ideas or scenarios about the future where the absolute worst thing would happen. Remind yourself that no matter how realistic those situations, they may or may not come true. Think about the best-case scenario rather than the bad and more often than not, what actually happens is somewhere between the two.

So, perhaps asking whether anxiety is good or bad will not be important after all. We’re all going to experience some anxiety in our lives, and it is up to us to recognise it for what it is, and deal with it in the best we can.


An Online Store Like No Other

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A perfect wedding day is a culmination of love, dedication, and hard work. It’s probably even more special because of all the effort that the people involved have put into it. Although it’s understandable if a bride wants to take care of everything herself, it’s practical if she instead gets the services of a wedding planner to guide and help her. That is, if she has the money to hire one. If she doesn’t, she can always buy everything she needs in a one-stop-shop for brides. This way she can save a lot of money and time and she won’t be too exhausted.

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There are many online stores that sell simple to more extravagant wedding apparel and one of them is They specialize in the development, design, production, and sale of medium to high grade dresses. Aside from all the best wedding dresses that every bride dreams of, they also sell the latest Special Occasion Dresses such as Homecoming, Evening, Cocktail, Graduation, Quinceanera, and Sweet Sixteen Dresses. Shopping is made easy because items are categorized (Wedding Dresses, Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Special Occasion Dresses, Wedding Apparel). WeddingBasa’s mission is to always provide their customers with the latest fashionable clothing at affordable prices.

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Their good reputation has enabled them to have customers in different parts of the world. They deliver items worldwide through express shipping methods like DHL, Fedex, and TNT. It usually takes 3 to 6 days to all major destinations. If in any way you’re not satisfied with your purchases, you can return or exchange them only if they’re in their original packaging, unused and undamaged. If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so and you’ll be eligible for a full refund if it’s canceled within 12 hours of payment confirmed. Customers can safely pay using their Visa and Mastercard credit cards, wire transfer, and Western Union.

Regular Exercise

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Don’t you envy those who eat a lot and never seem to put on an extra ounce whereas you have to count your calories to watch your weight? Perhaps you have tried various means to lose weight. You may have spent thousands of dollars on slimming courses or slimming pills without an inch of difference to your waist. Some may even work towards maintaining the right BMI (Body Mass Index) but with disappointing results.

Fitness experts are saying, ‘maintain a regular exercise routine.’ “As if I don’t know that?” you may retort in exasperation. Yes, it is not something new but what follows may be the key to a slimmer you.

According to fitness experts, one should work towards building muscle and reducing fat. A decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass will make one not only look better and healthier but feel stronger and more energetic. This is because as one builds muscle, fat is being burnt up.

So do not procrastinate! Begin excising anywhere, anytime. You need not confine yourself with weightlifting to increase your muscle. Work on things you enjoy doing – gardening, walking, jogging, cycling and even housework. The idea is to keep moving your body because as you do, fat is being burnt up and muscles are being firmed up.

Guitar for your kids

There was this saying that teaching your kids in the right path as they still young, and let them learnt in every mistakes they’ve gone. and it most probably they’ll  walks to it till they die. Yes! we have to learn our children in the right things as much as we could for them to know on what kind of decision they make take as they have to decide along their way. It is same thing by learning or teaching any musical instrument for kids, once they’ve got all the basic, like for example in the guitar, they’ll probably knew all the possible techniques as they grows up and they’ll never forget all of it since the day one they’d learned. That is why start to teach your kids today at least one musical instruments for them as well to enhance their creativity and skills. I may suggest this guitars for kids to start. Because this guitar has a basic strings and it does easiest for kids to handle. That is why this instrument is a much recommended above all the kind of kid’s musical tools.